Back in Stock Now, July 2020



It's been a long wait for Ticket to Ride USA to get back on the shelves but I can announce that today it has finally made it. This game is a classic, I highly recommend it as, not only a great one to crack out on a family board gaming night, but it's a fantastic choice when it comes to introducing board games to anyone. With the game play simple enough to teach and understand; I've given a brief overview of the game play below for anyone who's not played it or wants a memory jog, if not feel free to skip over that part.




Collect coloured train cards from a market at a rate of 1 - 2 per turn and then in a future turn discard said train cards of the correct colour and amount to match your selected route on the map, to place your colour train pieces, scoring you points and claiming a route from once city to another. 

You will do this with an overall plan of completing a series of continuous routes from point to point listed cards call Tickets - scoring you, hopefully and bunch of points and winning the game.  

The game usually played out over an hour or so but depending on how much blocking and getting in the way of each other you do, the game could last much longer.



I have played many games of Ticket to Ride and currently I'm loving the Polska (Poland) map expansion, adding a new level of scoring by connecting surrounding countries to each other - something a little different to focus your attention to if taking those tickets isn't getting you as many points as you'd like. This map in particularly works great for 3-4 players!

With Ticket to Ride, I find that there are never ending possibilities, bringing a new fresh experience to the table with every map expansion or big box expansion. I had been lucky enough to buy a copy of the 10th Anniversary Edition when it first arrived on the scene and having those little Giraffes in the back of the red player circus trains really enhances that gaming experience - I'm a sucker for "blinging" out my board games, what can I say it's addictive. Tell me it is not true - exactly. 


Another restock for today is Takenoko. This game originally tried to suck me in because it was super cute and let us face it, who can refuse little panda on the front of the box? Turns out, I could just about resist… but in the end a friend picked it up and next thing I knew we were playing it.

It is a great game. I found some of the bamboo pieces a little fiddly to begin with but from an aesthetic point of view - it works well. Oh and of course it still has the issue of if you sleeve the cards, the box insert is neither use nor ornament but such is the life of any box insert where the board game contains cards.

I’m fairly excited at the idea of being able to set up and demonstrate the OVERSIZED version of Takenoko we have in store at some point in the future.