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 TAP: Max’s Game

TAP Maxs Game

Directed by Kamil Beer  - www.maxovahra.com

The independent film 'Tap: Max’s Game', produced by 2D studio in co-production with the Audiovisual centre of ČVUT college, directed and written by Kamil Beer, is a story of Karel Adam (played by Ondřej Holeček), who had a great time two years ago along with his four friends, Magic: the Gathering players Martin White (Martin Pelíšek), Tomáš Ryba (Max Novosad), Joe Ryba (Tomáš Černý), and Max Miller (Mikoláš Adlof). Together, they often visited a card club called the “Fireball”.


bits and mortar


For each title you buy on our store that is covered by Bits and Mortar you will receive an email link which you can use to download the PDF version - Free of Charge!

savage mojo


For each title you buy on our store that is covered by Savage Mojo you will receive an email link which you can use to download the PDF version - at 50% OFF cost!

Dystopian Collective

The Dystopian Collective is a group of free-thinking roleplayers who play and write material for various role-playing games, usually of a dystopian nature. This includes material for SLA Industries and Call of Cthulhu, amongst others. We have been role-playing for 20+ years and feel that at least some of our ideas may be of value to others.



This is the forum for our Monsterpocalypse Tournaments. Please feel free to read / ask questions.



Warboots are the hobbies table top sales events that had started at Manchester Area Wargames Society last year.The old bring and buys though popular have meant that they have got more and more complicated to run and with the risk of thefts and all the paperwork involved warboots were devised.I find that this is the fairest way to sell and buy items and no paperwork and complicated number crunching involved and both seller and buyer are happier.



Click to join L5R-UK

Click to join L5R-UK

L5R UK Forum on Yahoo groups has been running for many years. Good group of people, very helpful for new players andseasoned veterans alike.

Manaleak.com - UK based company specialising in the Trading, Buying and Selling of Magic The Gathering, World of Warcraft and many more Hobby Games and Accessories. Free 24 hour worldwide shipping here!
L5R Clan Wars Clan Wars Get your L5R figures here!
 Action Games
Action Games - Play free online games with YoudaGames - Fun Excitement Challenge and Enjoyment.
Legend of the Five Rings

L5R : The AEG homesite for Legend of the Five Rings CCG and Roleplaying.

Magic the Gathering Magic : The Wizard homesite for Magic the Gathering CCG and Online.
Yu Gi Oh Yu Gi Oh UK : The UK's premier site for Yu Gi Oh info.
Grusome Sheffield Anyone?
Grusome Sheffield
Team PC Forum
Team PC Forum