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Sheffield 2013 Kotei

March 23rd and 24th 2013

Format :Emperor Constructed Event

Entry : £25

Email - paul@patriotgames.ltd.uk; or
Call Paul on 0114 2731762 with Name and Clan
(if known) or

Buy your entry online here.


Saturday 23rd

Doors open 09:00 for registration
Welcome Speeches and Banzai 10:45
Round 1 Starts 11:00

Rounds are 45mins with a 5 min discussion time (Please note that this is not a 5 min extension to the round for you to carry on playing)

Based on the number of players that are attending the event we will run the following number of Swiss Rounds:
8 Players 3 Rounds Top 2
9--‐16 Players 4 Rounds Top 4
17--‐32 Players 5 Rounds Top 8
33--‐64 Players 6 Rounds Top 8
65+ Players 7 Rounds X--‐2

There will be a lunch break of 30 minutes after the conclusion of Round 2

[Rough timing Guide for day 1 – 11am start, 45min + 5min per round. Allowing 10min turn around per round (which is generous) and 30 mins lunch, Swiss rounds should end by 6.30 pm allowing for the play in round if one is required to be done by approx. 7.30pm.
Should there be a top 16 then this would be played on Saturday Evening allowing for around a 9 to 9:30pm finish.
These times are rough and allow generous round timings.]

Sunday 24th

The Top 8 rounds will begin at 09:30 each will be Best of 3 Palmer Rule with 90 min rounds.

The Steel Championships

This year we are going for the tried and tested Swiss Tournament. This will be a no top cut event with the number of rounds based on attendance (see above for table).
The Steel Championships will Start Registration at 09:30 for 10:30 Start
(All Kotei entrants may enter for free any Day 2 Only players can enter for £10)

Side Events :
This year we are looking to run some “Over The whole Weekend” casual events. The format for the OTW event will be decided via the winner of our competition to design a set of casual play rules see {
http://www.facebook.com/groups/197154390429158} for details

Due to the popularity of the Kotei Cakes we have opted to have an L5R Baking Competition as this year's Honour event.

Cake Criteria
Entries must be presented as a complete and edible Cake* with a list of all ingredients (this does not have to be a recipe but ensures that no one eats something that they are allergic to)

And will be judged on :
* Creative merit
* Taste
* Quality of Bake (and weather you baked it)
* L5R Theme

*Cake, for the purpose of this event an entry is considered a cake if it is a recognised type of cake or tray bake that will provide a portion of reasonable size for at least 4 persons.

Costume Contest

As always there will be a prize for best costume. This will be voted on by the event as a whole

Theme Deck

Not the Honour event this year, but due to my love for theme decks, there will be a prize for the best theme deck used at the event AND as it is not the honour prize, theme decks may be used in either the Kotei main event or the Steel Championships and still be eligible for the prize.
Entries must be handed in on Saturday even if the deck is to be used on the Sunday 

Accomodation :
This is a comprehensive list of accomodation in the Sheffield area :

Google Search



Jury's Inn


Single occupancy: £65.00 bed and breakfast

Double occupancy: £75.00 bed and breakfast 

Call  0870 4100800

And Quote 'Special Event at Showroom - Sheffield' for discount. 

Venue :www.showroomworkstation.org.uk/workstation/

Travel Information :Travel Page

Spirit and Steel Kotei Logo

Prize Support

Official AEG Kotei Kit (Plus Patriot Aditions) for the main event

Winner - 1 x Box of Torn Asunder Boosters, 1 x Torn Asunder Rare Set, 1 x $100 gift Certificate, 1 x Top of Clan award, 1 x 2013 Kotei Champion Playmat 1 x Special Bordered 10K Card 'The Deciding Moment' with the 'Birth of the Shadow Dragon' artwork. Name added to the Sheffield Kotei Trophy AND the Story Pick

Runner Up (2nd) - 12 x Torn Asunder Boosters, 1 x Torn Asunder Rare Set, 1 x Seeds of Decay Rare Set, Special Bordered 10K Card 'The Deciding Moment' with the 'Birth of the Shadow Dragon' artwork.

3rd - 9 x Torn Asunder Boosters, 1 x Seeds of Decay Rare Set, Special Bordered 10K Card 'The Deciding Moment' with the 'Birth of the Shadow Dragon' artwork.
4th - 9 x Torn Asunder Boosters, 1 x Seeds of Decay Rare Set, Special Bordered 10K Card 'The Deciding Moment' with the 'Birth of the Shadow Dragon' artwork.
5th to 8th - 12 Torn Asunder Boosters (each)
9th to 16th - 6 x Torn Asunder Boosters (each)
17th down - 1 x Torn Asunder Booster
Top of Clan - Alternate Art Clan Champions, Special Prize TBA

Clan Council on Saturday - The Top of Clan in the standings (at the end of swiss) will be given a booster box Torn Asunder Boosters to distribute to all the players of that clan in the Kotei.

Honor - (the Honor event is Cake Competition) - 12 x Torn Asunder Boosters, 1 x Torn Asunder Rare Set, $50 Gift Certificate. AND the Story Pick

Costume - 1 x Seeds of Decay Rare Set , Special Costume Contest Prize TBA
Theme Deck – 1 x Torn Asunder Rare Set

Most Honorable - Name added to the Most Honorable Player Trophy, 1 x Most Honorable Bokken

Entry - All entrants will receive the 2013 Kotei Emperor Bugged Promo Set.

Spot Prizes – Spot prizes make me smile, so there will be as many of these as I can make up over the weekend 

Kotei Last Place - The coveted Kotei Wooden Spoon

Steel Championships

Winner - 1 x Torn Asunder Rare Set, 1 x Box of Torn Asunder Boosters
Runner Up (2nd) - 1 x Torn Asunder Rare Set, 18 x Torn Asunder Boosters
3rd - 1 x Seeds of Decay Rare Set, 9 x Torn Asunder Boosters
4th - 1 x Seeds of Decay Rare Set, 9 x Torn Asunder Boosters
5th - 8th - 6 x Torn Asunder Boosters (Each)
9th - 12th - 3 x Torn Asunder Boosters
13th Down - 1 x Torn Asunder Booster

We are looking forward to seeing new players and old alike, for a
great weekend of L5R Gaming


A Message from Rory Heffernan:


"Hi everyone.

AEG have asked me to give them a hand creating a fun side event format around their War of Honour multiplayer L5R game. With a lot of the feedback I got from players at Euros 2011 and we've made some good headway towards our goals. At the moment we're looking to test this out with a small beta-test tournament. All you need is your tournament deck, an innocent face, your favourite 'back-stabber' and you're ready to go.

War of Honour - Sunday of Sheffield Kotei
2 rounds (max 8 players, though others are welcome to try the format out also)
40/40 EE deck required
Bring WoH tiles if you have them

Ban List
Shiro Chugo
Daigotsu Hotako

I'd be very happy with 8 people willing to play a small two round tournament, and anyone else who wants to play any more relaxed games under the new rules."

 Legend of the Five Rings at Patriot Games