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Below is this years Schedule for our parallel Casual FNMs.

FNM is a fun and great way to both learn and play Magic the Gathering with
players in your local area. All FNM's stated below are run with Casual Prize Support.
This means everyone receives the same prize boosters regardless of Standings Position.

Fun Format Friday is a monthly rotating event.
If you would like more infomation on this please contact Paul Moore at the store.

Wizards have changed the way signing up for a DCI Number works.

A DCI Number is your ID for Magic Tournaments, essentially.

To signup for one please go to https://accounts.wizards.com/ follow all the instructions.
You will be provided with a number, this is your DCI Number and you're required to bring
it with you
to FNM and any other Magic the Gathering tournament.

Please note that taking the time to do this before you come to our FNM saves time,
meaning the tournaments get started promptly.

1st Pauper Draft
8th Standard Fun Format
15th 2 H'Giant Sealed Standard
22nd Draft Modern
29th Modern Draft
5th Standard Fun Format
12th 2 H'Giant Standard Standard
19th Draft Modern
26th Pauper Draft
3rd Standard Fun Format
10th 2 H'Giant Sealed Standard
17th Draft Modern
24th Modern Draft
31st Standard Fun Format
7th 2 H'Giant Standard Standard
14th Draft Modern
21st Pauper Draft
28th Standard Fun Format