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Are you looking to play Magic while meeting new friends and winning foil prize cards?
Then Friday Night Magic is exactly what you're looking for!
Try it out and discover why Friday night is the best night of the week!
At Patriot Games Sheffield we have taken a great deal of interest in the way that players,
old and new, like to play Magic...
We think that there is a definite split between the Competitive players
and the more Relaxed ones...
That is why we are splitting our FNM in twain
Each bringing the fun and enjoyment of any Friday Night Magic
But each focusing on a different aspect of playing
A Friday Night Magic Experience taylored for the competitive minded player
Playing with players equally minded to win, with more prizes for higher placed players
Entry fee: £5 for Constructed
£10 for Draft
Prize Support:
2 Boosters in the pool per player
Foils for: 1st and 2nd,
Most interesting deck and random "Door Prize"
1 Booster in the pool per player
Foils for: 1st, 2nd and 2x Door Prize

FNM Relax
A Friday night Magic Experience taylored for the more relaxed Magic Player
The aim of this event is to have fun and enjoy playing Magic, just because Magic is a
game that you love to play, and playing it with other people that also just enjoy playing
is a great way to spend the evening.
All players receive a Booster regardless of finishing position
Entry Fee: £3
Prize Support:
1 Booster per player
Foils for: 1st, 2nd,
Most Interesting Deck and Players Choice (Sportsman)
*FNM Relax will deviate from the prescribed formats as laid down by WotC
This is because we believe that a better variation of format will allow more players,
and especially new players, to have more fun and a greater chance to shine

The Blog from our FNM Relax organiser