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Please note that all stock is based in Sheffield.

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Jim's Staff Pick!

Pleasant Dreams is a 1 or 2 player card game placing the players in a dreamworld where they fend off nightmares. Decide whether you want to hold on to pleasant elements of your dream... Anything can come back to haunt!

The goal of the game is to trick your opponent into drawing so many nightmarish dream fragments that he or she wakes up. Alternatively you can win the game by being the first player to finish the dream without waking up.

Each turn of the game starts with the player deciding how many dream fragments they want to resolve. Pleasant ones help you relax, while the unpleasant ones bring you closer to waking up screaming. You can have some of the cards come back later. These you secretly insert anywhere into the dream deck. Will you play to win or to make your opponent lose?


Patriot Games Carrier Bags!

After a few years of White and Red plain carrier bags we thought it about time that you were able to walk around town being proud of shopping at Patriot Games.

Are you a Patriot Gamer?

Offers! Online and in Store.

Star Trek Attack Wing, Spend £25 or more : Free ship from the Dominion War OP.
Spend £50 or more : Free Resistance is Futile Blind Booster Ship.


New Accessories!

Just in WH40K Standard Size Sleeves, made by Fantasy Flight Games. Artwork of Astra Militarium, Chaso Deamons, Eldar, Orks, Space Marines.