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Summer Cup Qualifier
Saturday 6th September
At Patriot Games, Sheffield
Doors Open: 10:00am
Registration from: 11:30am
First Round Starts: 12:00pm
Entry Fee: £3.00

Winner gets a qualification spot to the Summer Cup,
Every entrant will receive an Astral Pack 5.
Planet Cray Fight
Sunday 7th September
At Patriot Games, Sheffield
Doors Open: 11:00am
Registration from: 11:15am
First Round Starts: 12:00pm
Entry Fee: £5.00

Every entrant will receive the most recent promo pack.
Dice Master Month 2
Sunday 21st September
At Patriot Games, Sheffield
Doors Open 11:00am
Contact Patriot Games, Sheffield to Pre-register
First 10 Pre-registered will receive a participation promo
(If you don't re-register you're not guarenteed a promo)
All who enter will receive a booster
And there will be boosters you can win too!
Entry £4 Standard Construction (upto 8 Characters)
Total of 20 non-starter dice. Straight Swiss Tournament Starts: 12:00pm
Are you under 14 ?
Do you play Yu-Gi-Oh ?
Have you ever tried Tournaments?
 Patriot Games holds
Under 14's Tournaments
at our Quarterly Events
And they are Free!

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Patriot Games Custom Playmat


Every Wednesday Evening
Every Friday Evening 
Play a range of board games for all ages! 6:00pm till 9:00pm
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Enter The Spotlight
Every Tuesday Evening
At Patriot Games, Sheffield
Registration from: 6:30pm
First Round Starts: 7:00pm
Entry Fee: £3.00

Every entrant will receive the most recent promo.
Every Tuesday Evening
At Patriot Games, Sheffield
6:00pm till 9:00pm
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Every Friday Evening
At Patriot Games, Sheffield
6:00pm till 9:30pm

Patriot Games Leeds

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Lessons From The Table: How Gaming Makes Life Easier

Video games have suddenly become socially acceptable. Gone are the days when anyone over the age of 20 was looked at a little funny any time they talked about playing games; it’s now considered a valid hobby and part of a normal, productive life. Tabletop games, on the other hand, still hold some of their stigma. Mention that you collect cards, or play Dungeons and Dragons, and some people will still wonder what you get out of it. We all know how unfair that is, but people don’t have to take our word for it - there’s evidence that tabletop and card games are actively good for you social skills, confidence, and other traits that are necessary for being productive and successful in life. Exciting stuff, and it’s no fantasy.

Strategy and Planning

No matter whether you play card or roleplaying games, you know the vital importance of strategy. Each provides a different variety to focus on - while card games focus on the strategic importance of how to use your resources and the psychology of your opponent, roleplaying games give you the opportunity to plan long-term goals and work together to understand the underlying shape of the situation. People learn from doing, but the human brain learns from immersive gaming in much the same way as it learns from real life experiences. This is why children play make-believe games; it gives them a chance to test-drive situations they might experience later in life. We never lose this capability, we only set it aside because games are seen as “frivolous” after a certain point. Gamers know better.

This brain hack also allows us to respond quickly and creatively to new or stressful situations in our everyday lives. You might know you’re completely safe in the middle of a tense game, but your pounding heart and adrenaline rush cause your body to think differently. This is a kind of exposure therapy, giving us the ability to overcome stress and anxiety even when we’re far away from the gaming table.

Teamwork and Social Skills

When experts look at the mental benefits of playing games, one of the closest comparisons - particularly for roleplaying games - is team sports. Just like playing football, sitting down to a roleplaying game with friends can give you skills that translate easily to the rest of your life: work, relationships, and even just getting along with a frustrating relative. Roleplaying games are collaborative efforts on both the storytelling and in-game levels, which fosters teamwork no matter which role you take. Even if you oppose the main group at every turn, this relies on the storytelling aspect to work correctly and requires you to take into account the motivations and actions of other people. Card gamers have their own skills to acquire, many of which tie into the prior skill set of strategy. However, it’s still a social hobby which provides a sense of community; in addition to the social skills we learn through these hobbies, they also have a positive impact on our health. Those without a hobby community have higher levels of illness and take more sick leave, according to a Dutch study.

Creativity and Stress Relief

For many economies, including the UK, the way forward is through the “creative industry” - thinking and planning, rather than physically creating. In this new world, a strong imagination, the ability to think creatively, and a strong grasp on storytelling are all vital traits which will serve many people well in their everyday lives. Tabletop games are unique in that they encourage and hone all of these abilities, as if every game is a cooperative novel-writing session.

Most importantly, gaming is fun. Modern society has conditioned us to believe that everything we do has to have a point, has to be productive, has to be something more than purely enjoyable. Yet having fun and relaxing isn’t supposed to be an aid to work - work is supposed to give us the time and money to spend more time doing what we love. Not giving yourself time to do those things can even be actively harmful for your health. If you love gaming, that’s all the reason you need; everything else is just perks. You don’t need an explanation or an excuse, just go out there and do what you love.