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Witch Hunter : Blessed and the Damned

Witch Hunter : Blessed and the Damned

NAME: Witch Hunter : Blessed and the Damned
GENRE: Fantasy / Horror / Occult / Magic / Witch Hunter
TYPE: Supplement / 128 pages / Softback

Product Description
"You will tread upon the lion and the cobra; you will trample the great lion and the serpent." - Psalm 91:13 Unseen to most, the minions of the Adversary stalk the world, working deeds of great evil, rending the innocent and tempting the righteous to the service of the Adversary. Their tools are many, fear and violence, ignorance and greed.

The land would be lost if it were not for the Orders of Solomon, the Witch Hunters. Witch Hunters, the chosen champions of mankind, are all that stands between the innocent and the fell beasts of the Invisible World. Take up your weapons of war and steady your resolve; for you are that champion, and this is your arsenal. Witch Hunter: the Invisible World is a role-playing game of swashbuckling adventure and horror set in a world much like our own 17th Century. Designed to accentuate the telling of a gripping story, Witch Hunter: the Invisible World uses an elegant and robust system that provides everything one needs to bring the Invisible World to life. If they are clever Witch Hunters will find the tools they need to defeat the forces of the Adversary within the pages of this tome, including:

Myriad backgrounds from which Witch Hunters are drawn.

New Talents with which to best the Adversary's foul minions. Fight fire with fire using new sorcerous rites and traditions.
Master the blade with expanded and new fighting traditions.

Learn of the many native tribes of the New World and learn of the prophecy of the dooms of the Indian tribes·

Delve into the mysteries of the Invisible World with new relics


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