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Traveller : Hyperlite : The Sirius Treaty

Traveller : Hyperlite : The Sirius Treaty

NAME:Traveller : Hyperlite : The Sirius Treaty
GENRE:Sci-fi / Traveller
TYPE:Setting Book / 182 pages

Product Description
Hyperlite: The Sirius Treaty, 2nd Edition
The Sirius Treaty, The Sirius Treaty was to bring peace to our galactic cluster. Forged by the starfaring races to control humantiy and enforced by the terrifying Invigilators, now a law to themselves.

But on Earth and the Core Worlds of humanity, resources are scarce. The United Nations of Earth has no choice but to find new planets to settle, to find new resources and technology before the teeming billions cause a total collapse back into barbarity.

There lies the problem: planets with breathable atmospheres are plentiful, but few exist that can be easily colonised by humans. On many are primitive species whose development is far behind that of humanity. These are the Protected Worlds on which the use of advanced technology is banned.

You are a member of the UNE's Sirius Treaty Star Legion. Your mission: establish and protect new colonies on the Protected Worlds and search for Precursor technology to help humanity. Your equipment: the latest body augments, combat implants, subdermal armour and advanced training that money can buy. Your weapons against those primitive species is second to none...

...swords, spears, bows and shields.

This rulebook contains everything you need to take your science fiction Roleplaying Game into a new direction: the universe of the Sirius Treaty.
Character Generation minigame with careers unique to the universe of the UNE and the Sirius Treaty
An updated timeline and background to the universe of the UNE and the Sirius Treaty
A skill set to specifically support the Hyperlite universe.
An extended set of personal implants and augments for the 24th century
Rules to support ancient and hi-tech conflict on the Protected Worlds
Rebuilt campaign, world and scenario building guidelines, including the ready-to-use scenario: Pilgrim
Welcome to the Protected Worlds of the Sirius Treaty!

This product is stand-alone: derived from the familiar Traveller™ OGL SRD, Hyperlite:The Sirius Treaty has many redesigned elements and contains everything you need to take your SF Roleplaying Game in a new direction: the universe of the Sirius Treaty.

The Traveller Core Rulebook is available


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