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Torchwood TCG

Torchwood TCG

Captain Jack Harkness is a former Time Agent from the 51st Century.
He has travelled in the
TARDIS in Doctor Who and now heads a team of experts on present-day Earth as they battle
with aliens from other worlds, monsters from different dimensions, creatures from the dawn of
time and rifts in the very fabric of the universe!
Together, Jack, Gwen Cooper, Toshiko Sato,
Ianto Jones and Dr. Owen Harper make up Torchwood, defenders of the Earth from alien
invasion – and a rift in time and space that tears right through Cardiff!

The Torchwood Trading Card Game features 200 brand-new spectacular cards from both
series of the TV show.
Prepare to do battle with deadly alien sleeper assassins bent on
destroying the world, alien entities that feed on memories, monstrous parasites that incubate
inside human bodies and a demon that could cause the end of life on Earth…


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