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Legends Untold : Druid Novice Booster

Legends Untold : Druid Novice Booster

NAME: Legends Untold : Druid Novice Booster
GENRE: Adventure / Expansion for Base-game / Exploration / Fantasy / Medieval
TYPE: Cooperative Play / Dice Rolling / Role Playing

Players 1 - 4, Ages 13+
Play Time : 60 Minutes

Product Description
The Druiach Path guides those who seek to become one with nature upon Mor Nadar. It allows the Neophytes that follow its ways to draw on the powers of the animals, insects and reptiles found deep within the Weeping Caves and Great Sewers of Dun Mordhain.

The Druid Pack gives you the first steps along the path to become a true Druid of Mor Nadar. Gain a companion and make use of the fauna within the environment to succeed on your adventures with Legends Untold.

Four extra cards are attached to the back of the Druid Booster to as errated cards.


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