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For the Greater Good : Mythos Pack : Arkham Horror LCG Expansion

For the Greater Good : Mythos Pack : Arkham Horror LCG Expansion

NAME: For the Greater Good Mythos Pack : Arkham Horror LCG Exp
GENRE: Arkham Horror Card Game / Horror
CYCLE: 3rd in "The Circle Undone cycle"

"Sometimes he would take walks through shadowy tangles of unpaved musty-smelling lanes where eldritch brown houses of unknown age leaned and tottered and leered mockingly through narrow, small-paned windows. Here he knew strange things had happened once, and there was a faint suggestion behind the surface that everything of that monstrous past might not have utterly perished."
-H.P. Lovecraft, The Dreams in the Witch House

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Following the disappearance of four Arkham citizens from a charity event hosted by the Silver Twilight Lodge, you began your investigation into the city’s dark past, looking for anything that may explain what became of the missing and, perhaps, lead to their recovery. Your search began at the forsaken Witch-House that left you a little worse for wear, and now your night at Hangman’s Hill has left you weakened in spirit and resolve. You must go back to the beginning, to your first lead
- the Silver Twilight Lodge.


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