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Multiuniversum Project : Cthulhu

Multiuniversum Project : Cthulhu

NAME: Multiuniversum : Project Cthulhu
GENRE: Card Game / Science Fiction
TYPE: Card Drafting / Hand Management / Pick - up and Deliver / point to Point Movment

Players : 1 - 5, Ages : 12+
Play Time : 20 - 40 Minutes

Product Description
The stars are right, and you know what that means! Scientists at CERN wanted to see whether Cthulhu actually exists somewhere in another universe. The effects of this research was obvious...

Yes, our scientists have opened a portal to R'lyeh and bad stuff is coming through. Multiuniversum: Project Cthulhu, the first expansion for Multiuniversum, includes twenty new worlds full of Cthulhu that replace the original ones and bring in new mechanisms and risks. So what are we changing here?

- Portals: Every time you close a portal, you lose a bit of your sanity, which is represented by insanity cards.
- Insanity Cards: These cards are something new and nasty. As you close portals, you collect them and they are face down for most of the time.
- Museum Card: The museum is where the players can get some of their sanity back. You can interact with it to spend some of your insanity cards for various effects.
- Move: In addition to all the things you could do using action cards, you can also discard one to move to an adjacent transformer.


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