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Netrunner : Fear the Masses : Data Pack

Netrunner : Fear the Masses : Data Pack

NAME: Netrunner : Fear the Masses : Data Pack
GENRE: Android Netrunner / Living Card Game / Bluffing / Card Game / Expansion for Base-game / Science Fiction
TYPE: Hand Management / Secret Unit Deployment / Variable Phase Order / 6th Pack in Mumbad Cycle

Product Description
Election Day is here! And the impression its events are about to leave upon the citizens of the Indian Union will carry forward for many generations. Featuring some of the most potent and deck-defining cards from the whole Mumbad Cycle, Fear the Masses carries the cycle to its climactic conclusion but leaves it to you to deal with the fall-out.

Amid the Data Pack's sixty new cards (including a complete playset of nineteen different cards), you'll find plenty to excite fans of both NBN and those Runners who identify themselves as Anarchs. As Fear the Masses pushes the Mumbad Cycle into the streets of Navi Mumbai, Mumbad's entertainment capital, NBN gains a new identity, a new region upgrade, and two potentially game-changing assets. Meanwhile, as they march against Corp HQs, the Anarchs rally the masses toward dissent and high-pressure discard strategies.


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