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Oversized Villains Cards

Oversized Villains Cards

NAME:Oversized Villains Cards
GENRE:Card Game, Comic Book / Strip, Fighting
TYPE: Expansion / Replacement Cards

Players2 5- , Ages 8+
Play Time: 60 Minutes

Product Description
The original prototype of Sentinels of the Multiverse included oversized villain cards that had the art for that villain and all of that character's game text on one big card. Due to printing costs, we were unable to produce them in the original print run. Since then, we have made villain oversized card packs as part of various Kickstarter campaigns, but now we are releasing this: the Complete Set of Villain Oversized Cards!

These 4" by 6" cards represent all of the villains from the Sentinels of the Multiverse core game as well as every single expansion and mini-expansion and every villain promo ever printed for Sentinels of the Multiverse! This set contains an oversized card for every villain which will ever be printed (other than those which come with their own oversized cards, such as the Vengeance and Villains of the Multiverse villains).

You need a copy of a core game to use.


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