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Psionics RPG (The Next Stage

Psionics RPG (The Next Stage

NAME:Psionics RPG (The Next Stage in Human Evolution
GENRE:Science Fiction / Modern Day
TYPE:Core Rule Book / Hardback / Full Colour

Product Description
Psionics is a tabletop RPG that is played with six-sided dice, paper, pencils, and your imagination. In various incarnations, it has been in the making by one person for over a decade. Inspired initially by the PS1 game Galerians with an eye towards everything that inspired it, a half dozen comprehensive rewrites and unpublished reboots later,this game follows in the footsteps of films and novels like Akira, Carrie, Firestarter, and Scanners.

Psionics is set in the real world, in the present day, or 20 minutes into the future (if you like). The players take on the role of troubled teenagers and young adults who have just had an enormous power hidden inside them - psionic talents - unlocked by external tampering.

The PCs - called Espers - will gain the ability to solve the mundane problems in their lives with the superhuman abilities available to them; they will also be confronted with questions about the costs of their powers, from using telekinesis or pyrokinesis to get revenge on the bullies that tormented them, or using mind control to convince their crush to give them a chance.

Moreover, while the talents that Espers can access give them awesome problem-solving tools to play with, overusing their talents and pushing things too far can result in a catastrophic meltdown that is spectacularly fatal for everyone around them.

Meanwhile, the PCs are hunted by a multitude of shadowy Conspiracies. These competing Conspiracies are seeking to control and manipulate the PCs into advancing their sinister agendas, and have enormous resources at their disposal.

So the story becomes: how do you buck the system and defy these groups seeking to capture and indoctrinate you, while coming to grips with your psionic talents?

As a "typical" Esper, you're a ticking time bomb of teenage angst, with enormous psychic powers; the Man, in various incarnations, is constantly shadowing you and trying to screw with you, taking away your agency and making you a foot-soldier in their cause. What could possibly go wrong?


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