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Yashima : Legend of the Kami

Yashima : Legend of the Kami

NAME: Yashima : Legend of the Kami Masters
GENRE: Card Game, Collectible Components, Fantasy, Fighting, Miniatures, Mythology
TYPE: Grid Movement, Hand Management, Hex-and-Counter, Modular Board, Player Elimination, Point to Point Movement, Simultaneous Action Selection, Tile Placement, Variable Player Powers

Players 2 - 6, Ages 8+
Play Time: 60 Minutes

Product Description
Yashima: Legend of the Kami Masters is a fast-paced combat game that combines the speed and complexity of card games with the tactical movement and terrain found in miniature games. With various styles of play, you can compete in a two-player duel, team-based combat, or a free-for-all showdown!

A player's Battle Deck is their life force, used to generate Karma and unleash new abilities. Every card you play and lose matters in your hand, and in the future.
Unique Tome cards with page-turning mechanics provide players with multiple tactical options to keep every turn exciting!
The Action Pool and the ability to influence turn-order makes every round a distinctive experience.
Facing, attack patterns, and “friendly fire” makes melee-combat simple, yet engaging.
Multiplayer competition stays intense and engaging for all players with restoration mode. Instead of elimination, defeated players return more powerful and with a vengeance. Drive all your opponents to restoration and be the last one standing to claim victory for yourself or for your team.

Your custom Battle Deck is central to the game. Representing the martial arts skills of your Kami Master bound to the powers of your chosen Kami spirit, the Battle Deck is not only the source of your attack and defense techniques, but also your life force. As you play cards from your hand, place them back on the bottom of your deck. But when you lose life, you discard. Those techniques are now lost!


Rosamu, the monk, uses chains to create powerful combinations of multiple attacks.
Hikaru, the priestess, is a powerful healer who counters her foes with spiritual cleansing.
Akiko, the fire sorceress, wields the power to burn all who stand in her way.
Kenta, the ronin warrior, studies his enemy's weaknesses before he unleashes his fury.


The Dragon Kami builds upon its attack power and evades attacks by flying or dodging. The Dragon Kami is low in health, but it is known for its luck (high karma).
The Tiger can use mechanics to set up the perfect combination of deck, hand, and karma pool manipulation. When in the fray of battle, it has a powerful block defense.
The Tortoise is slow and deliberate; its low karma makes it often the last one into battle. Like a shell Tortoise's blocks are some of the best and when it strikes they are very powerful blows.
Like the mythical beast of legend, the Phoenix Kami is brilliant, daring, and willing to risk it all for glorious success or a spectacular fiery crash.

Be the last remaining player with cards in your Battle Deck, and prove your might as a Kami Master!


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