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Star Wars : Evasive Maneuvers : Force Pack

Star Wars : Evasive Maneuvers : Force Pack

NAME: Evasive Maneuvers Force Pack
GENRE: Star Wars / Living Card Game / Bluffing / Card Game / Expansion for Base-game / Science Fiction
TYPE: Hand Management / Secret Unit Deployment / Variable Phase Order

Product Description
You’ll find plenty in Evasive Maneuvers that continues the main themes of the Rogue Squadron cycle. Whether you prefer to scramble your Fighters or command massive Capital Ships , you’ll find cards to support your affiliation in the ten new objective sets (two copies each of five unique sets) included in this Force Pack. Not everything is focused on tense dogfights and interstellar space battles, however. In Evasive Maneuvers , you can also hide from the Empire with an ancient Jedi, interrogate prisoners with the Sith, or hire a deadly assassin in a dusty cantina on Tatooine.


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