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The Capitals

The Capitals

NAME:The Capitals
GENRE: City Building / Economic
TYPE: Action Point Allowance System / Card Drafting / Tile Placement

Player 2-4, Ages 12+
Playtime: 90 Minutes

Product Description
The world's most famous capital cities didn't just appear overnight. It took careful planning, resources, and time. Now, new countries seek to build great capitals of their own, and you are challenged to create a city unlike any other – but with each new era comes new challenges, and you must be prepared to make important decisions. The winning player will earn the right to host the next World Expo, but that's a prize reserved for only the most prestigious city.

The Capitals is a city-building game unlike any other, featuring new and creative game mechanisms. Cities take many years to build, and The Capitals requires players to plan ahead to create their vision. Playing over three eras, from Victorian to Modern Day, players are challenged to build a capital city that can compete with the world's best but also stand the test of time. With over one hundred unique buildings to construct, no two cities will ever be identical.

What story will your city tell?


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