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Fairy Tale : Red Riding Hood

Fairy Tale : Red Riding Hood

Fairy Tale Assassin League: Red Riding Hood Rampage

Fairy Tale Assassin League is a story telling card game. It asks the question: "What happens when Snow White goes to Las Vegas and turns bad?" There are no more happy ever afters.
The game starts with players choosing a fairy tale character; one will be the villain, the remainder good. Each characters starts in one of six locations (restaurant, parking lot, theater, stage, kitchen and back alley). The first act of the game is to come up with reasons why the bad guy has to go down. The bad guy starts by bragging about how bad they are. The heroes then say how they have been personally hurt by him. Players can jump in with suggestions for other people's stories.
The rest of the game is about bringing the villain down (and maybe to justice). The bad guy starts the game. Players take turns to add to the story, assisted by a tableau of scene cards (representing some key point in a revenge story plot) and action cards that can be played from hand. Another player's version of events can be challenged by playing an action card. Challenges are resolved by rolling dice, with the winner winning the card their opponent used. All cards are worth victory points.
The aim of the game is to score the most victory points while also telling an interesting story.
The publisher intends to produce two 54 card decks. One will be titled Red Riding Hood Rampage and the other Snow White? Not Anymore. The two decks can be combined to make a larger scale game.


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