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Witch Hunter : Aztec Empire

Witch Hunter : Aztec Empire

NAME: Witch Hunter : Aztec Empire
GENRE: Fantasy / Horror / Occult / Magic / Witch Hunter
TYPE: Supplement / 128 pages / Softback

Product Description
"I shall call upon thee to arise when among the shields, I shall call upon thee to arise" - the Aztec Hymn of Atlaua.

In the almost 17 decades since Hernán Cortés' ill-fated expedition of conquest, the Aztec Empire has grown mighty. Fueled by blood magic and fanatical devotion to dark gods, the Mexica now threaten to drive the Spanish from the mainland. Not serving the Adversary, their gods represent another great wickedness apart from the age-old battles of the Old World, one that is perhaps even more dangerous, one not truly limited by Solomon's Seal.

Within these pages one will learn of the Aztecs in the words of Diego de Landa Calderón, Bishop of the Yucatán from his excellent "Relación de las cosas de Azteca", complete with illustrations, this work is perhaps the most useful reference about the Aztecs for Witch Hunters. Intrepid Witch Hunters will also find:

Detailed setting material detailing the provinces of the Empire

The various Witch Hunter orders found within Aztec lands

Rules for blasphemous blood magic

The deadly effective Aztec fighting styles

Horrific relics of the dark gods of the Mexica


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