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Godlike : Donar's Hammer

Godlike : Donar's Hammer

NAME: Godlike : Donar's Hammer
GENRE: Indy / Historical / Super Hero / Warfare
TYPE: Softcover / 32 Pages / Adventure Supplement / Adventure

Product Description
Six months of hard desert fighting against the crumbling remnants of the once-proud Deutsches Afrika Korps recently ended with the Korps’ surrender in Tunis. Now battle-hardened Allied eyes turn to the next stage of the war against Nazi Germany: the invasion of Sicily! One thing stands in the way. A super-powered German Übermensch called Mjollnir has camped in a village near the Sicily coast. Intel says he can sink the mightiest ships at a glance. If it’s true, his power could spell disaster for the Allied fleet. You are the super-human soldiers of the Talent Operations Groups, trained to use your incredible powers as rangers and commandos behind enemy lines, with one essential directive -- find and eliminate the threat of Axis Talents. All you need to do is parachute into the village where Mjollnir is hiding and take him out of action before the light of day. The brass say the skies will be clear and the enemy won’t know you’re coming. How hard could it be?


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