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Dobble (a.k.a Spot it!)

Dobble (a.k.a Spot it!)

NAME: Dobble (a.k.a. Spot it!)
GENRE: Card Game / Family
TYPE: Picture Recognition / Set Collection

Players 2 - 8, Ages 4+
Play Time: 15 Minutes

Game Mechanics
A deck of 55 round cards, each of which has one and only one symbol in common with any other card. Rules for five different "little games" are included. All five are observation games with a speed component -- the first person to find a match either claims or is able to get rid of a card.

Dobble! is a visual perception card game in which players race to find the one matching picture between one card and another. The pictures can be different sizes. The cards are round and feature an assortment of colourful images of items like insects, plants, symbols, and smiley faces. Every card is unique, and has only one picture in common with each card in the deck. The game is very portable and includes a deck of 55 cards in a round, tin container that is the same size as the cards.

"Incredibly easy to teach. Almost everyone likes it immediately. Great way to build new gamers, by quickly teaching people that games can be fun again."


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