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Mutants & Masterminds : Autumn Arbor

Mutants & Masterminds : Autumn Arbor

NAME: Mutants & Masterminds : Autumn Arbor
GENRE: Heroes / Mutants & Masterminds / Superheroes
TYPE: Sourcebook / Campaign Setting / Softcover

Product Description

No other city in the world is as well-known as Autumn Arbor, also called the City of Legends due to its dense population of extraordinary beings. Now the City of Legends is brought to life, in the first of a series of books designed to give you the power to be a hero. . . and become a legend!

A detailed guide to the City of Legends bringing to life over 60 locations, 10 districts, political and government figures, street gangs, designer drugs, mystic artifacts, and exotic places beyond the borders of Autumn Arbor.

Experience the rich history of Autumn Arbor from the first formation of magic and ley-lines, to the creation of the Neo Champions and Rogues of today. See how the existence of extraordinary beings has influence world history, from the Revolutionary War all the way to the present day.

A comprehensive guide to the Champions and Rogues existing throughout the world today, including over 100 detailed NPCs ready to come to life in any existing campaign.

Start playing immediately, using tips and story ideas in the Gamemaster Appendix to turn your heroes into the Legends of Tomorrow!

Fight for justice… be a hero… become a Legend!


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