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Join us to establish - from the nominated games 2017 - the best board/card game.

Use #patriotgamescup when discussing away from Poll Posts :)

Nominations for this year were based on popular products, high quantity of sales and in store feedback.
However, next year we will be accepting nominations for the following years Patriot Games Cup from you as the voters and games fantatics.

So, How does it work?

Well, following the tradition of "World Cup" single elimination you as the public will vote match after match, round after round until there are only 2 nominations left. From these 2 nominations a winner will be determined and crowned the Patriot Games Cup Voted Best Board Game 2017. 

Where do we vote?

All the nominations for this year will be posted on our social media, Facebook in the form of a poll. The total number of nominations is 32 and you can take a look below for further details. You cast your vote on the poll post, discuss in the comments why you're voting for that particular game. Discuss with other voters your thoughts and feelings on the way the poll is going. Don't forget to share the polls to your gamer friends or tag them in the comments to make sure they have a say.

So, What's the schedule?

There will be 5 rounds.
- Polls are added to facebook posts following the below schedule.
- Votes are counted at 11:00hrs the following morning, determining a winner of that round. 

1st December - 8th December:
Round 1 will be over a period of 8 days, 2 matches per day at the time 12:30hrs and 15:30hrs.

9th Decmeber - 16th December:
Round 2 will be over a period of 8 days, 1 match per day at the time 12:30hrs.

17th December - 20th December:
Round 3 will be over a period of 4 days, 1 match per day at the time 12:30hrs.

21st December - 22nd December:
Round 4 will be over a period of 2 days, 1 match per day at the time 12:30hrs.

23rd December:
Round 5 will be 1 day - the winner will be determined when votes are counted on the 24th December!

This years nominations are:

Machi Koro Mysterium 
 SplendorWerewolves of Millers Hollow 
 GloomT.I.M.E Stories 
 7 WondersFluxx
 Rhino Hero

Century Spice Road 

 Sushi GoElder Sign 
 Star RealmsExploding Kittens 
 Tiny EpicDixit 
 MunchkinKodama: The Tree Spirits 
 Ticket to Ride7 Wonders Duel 
 ScytheTerraforming Mars 
 Hey, that's my Fish!Dead of Winter

The table above also indicates the randomised pairing for the first round. 

As the rounds progress we will track the progress on here and on social media too!