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 Saturday 24th November will see the start of our Tournaments for Under 14's
On the last Saturday of the month , every month (except December) we host a Yu-Gi-Oh event 
at Channing Hall in Sheffield (45 Surrey St, Sheffield, South Yorkshire S1 2LG
At this event we have traditionally provided for players split into two brackets, Pro and Duelist
Now we are adding events specially for Under 14's
These events will be FREE to play
Our Victoria Hall Events open for the other two events at 10.30am
, but for the Under 14's we will start at a later, more convenient time
The details for the first event are:
Registration from 12 Noon until 1pm
(get here anytime between those times to sign up)
The Event will begin at 1pm
The event will be run just like the other tournaments and the format will be
Constructed Advanced
For those that are new to this, that means that you bring your own deck
and it must follow the Banned and Restricted Lists
for the Advanced Format (Advanced does not afect the rules of play,
merely the cards on the Banned and Restricted Lists)
For the full Format details and those lists go to the Konami website HERE
The Tournament will be run using something called the Swiss System.
This means that all players get to play a minimum number of rounds
in the event and are not knocked out the first time they are defeated.
The Number of rounds is largely dependant on the number of players present.
We will likley start out with a tournament of 4 rounds.
Each round is won by winning the best of three duels within the time limit.
The round time will be 35 mins
At the end of the Swiss rounds we will cut to a knockout,
again, the size of this depends entirely on the number of players in the event.
We will likely start by cutting straight to a final (top 2)
All players will receive a participation prize
and there will be a small prize for the Winner and Runner UP
There will be experienced players on hand to help
with any quries about card legalities and a Judge to make sure everyone is playing fair
In future events we are hoping to include a Duel School,
where Experienced players will be on hand to help with improving deck building skills
and tuition on good play technique


The Venue closes at 6pm , so the latest that these events will finish, will be 6pm
We hope to see you there  :)